7 Things you need to know before building an MVP with bubble.io

7 Things you need to know before building an MVP with bubble.io

The DKD Team
May 17, 2022

Bubble is a no-code solution that lets you develop, test, and deploy your MVP so that you can get precious feedback from early users as fast as possible. Instead of worrying about infrastructure, framework, or development decisions, you can choose Bubble and start working towards launching your MVP right now.

Why is launching an MVP so important?

Businesses have taken years to build a complete product, only to find out that the market has no interest in what they have built. Maybe another product already addressed the pain point they were trying to solve, or it was never a pain point worth spending money on in the first place. Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is not optional nowadays for many reasons, to list a few:

·      Hiring developers to complete a product is more expensive than ever.

·      You cannot test market demand without an MVP or a complete product.

·      There is a risk of another competitor entering the market before you.

·      Businesses are often not willing to purchase a product that is not yet usable.

But launching an MVP can also be beneficial, especially if you know there is demand for your product. It can earn you some early adopters who will be providing you with irreplaceable feedback. And every dollar matters, so these early adopters will at least pay back the monthly cloud bill you accumulate.

7 Things to know before building an MVP with Bubble

Businesses are choosing no-code solutions like Bubble to develop their MVPs and their reasons for doing so vary. Some simply wish to assess their product in the market, while others are more interested in feedback. Choosing Bubble for this might seem like an easy answer but there are a lot of misconceptions and ideas out there about no-code. Let us address those and share some knowledge.

1.   Bubble is not just a way to develop your application

Building a modern web application requires a few steps. In no particular order, you need to:

·      Program the web application and logic. (Backend)

·      Design the user interface and experience. (Frontend)

·      Connect the back and front ends together.

·      Deploy your application to a server, any kind, so that users can access it.

Not to mention that you need to worry about marketing, payment processing, debugging, testing, and a dozen other details that we often over look when in our honeymoon phase with our idea. This is where Bubble comes in.

Bubble lets you program, design, and deploy your application, all from a single platform. By taking care of all the technical headaches, Bubble makes it possible for someone to program an application without needing to write any code.

2.   No-code does not mean no-programming

People without a background in programming often misunderstand no-code. You will still be hiring developers for building your MVP, but instead of hiring Python and JavaScript developers, you will belooking for Bubble developers which are often a lot more affordable for startups and MVPs than their traditional counterparts.

By removing code, Bubble frees you from syntax errors and having to memorize the various terms and functions used in traditional programming languages. But all these things do not go away, you are still goingto develop applications using the same logic as you would have with traditional code.

So, if you were thinking about learning Bubble and building your first MVP yourself, gear up for some late nights of learning and self-teaching.

3.   Plan out your MVP instead of going with the flow

Startups often set out to make an MVP without any plan in mind. Doing so can be just as damaging for your product as not building one in the first place. Keep in mind that the entire point of an MVP is to plan out what your customers need in the final product to make it “viable” but do not forget the “M” in MVP.

Some things to keep in mind when you plan out your MVP are:

·      Minimize the scope of your MVP to the core pain-point felt by your potential customers.

·      Set out the budget for not only development, but also for marketing, and advertisements.

·      Plan out the features that you will be developing if you get paying customers.

·      Create a timeline, ensure that you follow it, allow a margin for delays.

There are plenty of software solutions out there such as Trello, Notion, etc. which you can use to document and track your development plan.

4.   You can build any web application in Bubble

New comers often believe that you cannot build every application with Bubble. However, this is a misconception that needs clarification.

As we mentioned earlier, Bubble is a visual programming language. You do not use traditional code to develop a Bubble application. Instead, you visually program all the different functionalities ofyour web app. In terms of its functions and capabilities, Bubble is just as powerful as any traditional language. Meaning that everything that you can create with Python or JavaScript, you can also create with Bubble.

The best example of this exists on Bubble's own website. They have guides on creating clones of all the popular social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. You can create an NFT marketplace or a Vimeo clone. You can also create a service like Netflix with Bubble.

Your imagination is the only limit when youare building something with Bubble… except for scale. Let us talk about migrating away from Bubble due to scale.

5.   Migrating away from Bubble is not unusual

Businesses pick Bubble because of how it simplifies and streamlines the entire development process of building an MVP from scratch. You do not have to worry about the boiler plate that comes with other programming languages, and you can focus entirely on providing a valuable solution to your customers’ problems.

As your application grows, it may not befinancially viable to stick with Bubble. Most agencies will help you develop a full application if your project out grows Bubble, others will guide you through the process of doing so. Keep in mind that development costs fall tremendously once you have a working MVP, the metaphorical wheel already exists, you are simply copying its design and functionality over.

Do not let the possibility of abandoning Bubble in the future turn you away from it because by the time you must do so, your product will have plenty of customers paying for the migration.

6.   There are development agencies which specialize in Bubble

People without a background in tech look at Bubble and believe that they can build an entire web application without needing to learn anything. But that is not the case because Bubble can be over whelming, even for someone with programming experience. If you do not have experience with programming or app design, then perhaps you should look towards hiring a development agency for your MVP.

Many development agencies specialize in no-code and Bubble in particular. Due to their experience and streamlined development process, you can sit back, and rest assured that your idea is in good hands. Where you will have to teach yourself with the help of YouTube tutorials and online documentations, they can start working without wasting any time.

7.   You do not need to pay the entire development fee upfront

There is no need to put off your amazing idea if you cannot afford to pay the entire development cost that an agency quotes you. Many agencies offer payment plans and most businesses do opt in for these plans instead of choosing to pay the full fee upfront.

We offer our clients to pay a 10% upfront fee with the remaining balance paid on a weekly basis over the course of the next 12 months. This allows startups to spread out their development expenses instead of emptying their coffers on day one. With a 9.5% APR, you can start bringing your idea to life without having to spend your lifesavings on an MVP.

Choose Bubble to make things simpler

There is no rocket science involved when a startup chooses to go with Bubble for their MVP. It is purely a decision to make things easier for themselves, and their developers. It simplifies a lot of the technical aspects of launching an application and the platform it provides is irreplaceable. Not to mention that Bubble comes with a free tier, so you can get familiar withit and learn the ropes before you have to pay a single penny. Keep in mind that Bubble is also useful if you simply want to create an API that feeds a frontend or a mobile application. You do not have to use the frontend provided by Bubble.

No-code and visual programming languages are getting more popular as computers become faster and more accessible. What started with Visual Basic and educational programming languages to teach beginners how to code, has now turned into an established and accepted way to createfully functional web applications quickly and easily.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to talk some more about building your MVP in Bubble.


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