What to look for when hiring a bubble developer

What to look for when hiring a bubble.io developer

The Dark Knight Design Team
May 6, 2022

Bubble simplifies and streamlines many ofthe difficult and complicated decisions which businesses must make to succeed in today’s competitive market. It aids businesses in rapidly developing their MVPs and makes deployment as simple as possible. As a completely visual programming language, Bubble can create any application you can think of. Their own “How-to” tutorials walk you through creating clones of popular web apps such as Instagram, Dropbox, Udemy, and many more.

The possibilities with Bubble are endless and your only limitations are those set by the capabilities of your development team. You must keep an eye out for the skills that matter most when hiring developers for your Bubble projects and you will find that most of these skills overlap with those of traditional software developers.

Keep in mind that just because Bubble is a visual programming language does not mean you can skip hiring a developer for your project. Whoever you hire will have to solve the same problems faced by someone using a traditional programming language and so, we have put together alist of things businesses should focus on before tying the knot with their developer.

If most of these feel obvious to you, pat yourself on the back because you are already on the right track.

Freelance vs. Agency

Let us focus on the most important and frequently asked question first: Whether you should choose a freelance developer or an agency for your project. While there are tons of pros & cons we could focus on, let us talk about the two that matter most.

Benefits of hiring a freelancer

•          Lowercost, usually.

•          Single person to communicate and work with.

•          Prone to unexpected circumstances.

Benefits of hiring an agency

•          Standardized development process and management, usually.

•          Multiple employees with a diverse range of skill sets.

•          Usuallysecure in terms of unexpected circumstances.

Regardless of your initial choice, your development team needs to grow along with your business. With success comes responsibility, and a single person cannot keep up with a growing tech venture. So, even if you go with a single freelancer initially, you will eventually have to move towards an agency or a team.

Are they available for you?

Whether you are choosing a freelancer or an agency, there is one problem that you must address first.

Developers tend to over book themselves. They under estimate the time they will need to complete a project and end up scheduling more than they can manage. While freelancers do tend to be better at managing their time and devoting them selves to a client, agencies can often have developers juggling from one client to another depending on who is angrier.

Before you sign off on everything, ensure that the developers you choose to work with have time for you and that they are not busy with a massive project already in the pipeline.

Do they have experience and a background in your niche?

Keeping an eye on experience is obviously acrucial factor for hiring developers, you cannot expect someone to create a fully functional Bubble app if they have never used it before. But something even more important is the developer’s background, the exact projects on which they have worked.

Someone with experience in the industry that you are targeting will have the insight to offer and will be better at ironing out the kinks. When hiring developers for your Bubble project, it is important to look beyond the years of experience they have with Bubble to lookat their past projects and see if they are relevant to you, your niche, and your customers.

What skills do they have? Can they manage projects?

Keep in mind the benefits of hiring a freelancer vs. an agency we discussed above. Creating a fully functional application needs a lot more than the critical thinking skills that a developer brings to the table. UI/UX design requires an artistic touch, copywriting is a difficult skill to master, and marketing is a beast impossible to tame for most people.

When looking for your developers, you should try to hire the ones with a more diverse skill set. Keep in mind that many freelancers and agencies have contacts and do offer project management services too. Ask if they would be willing to negotiate such a deal in the future if the scope of your project widens down the line. But if there is a developer with an acceptable UI/UX portfolio, you should prefer them over the one without.

Bubble lets developers design and integrate the frontend pages of their applications with the backend without the need to write any code. If your developer can also design your pages, that is one less person you need to hire.

Are they easy to communicate with?

It is possible to hire a developer in the same neighborhood as you, and yet have terrible communication. Similarly, someone across the world may be able to understand exactly what you want after just a meeting or two. Unfortunately, the opposite is a lot more likely to betrue. But there is no way for you to know for sure until you set up meetings and try to communicate.

A major hurdle in communication more commonin loosely managed agencies is the lack of a single focal person. When hiring a developer for your Bubble project, make sure that you will not have to discuss your scope and everything with a dozen different people. Ensure that you willbe talking to a single person every time you call.

Fixed vs. Variable pricing

While both fixed and variable pricing do have their place in the market, choosing the right option for your business isthe task at hand.

Variable pricing will be difficult tobudget, they often end up at a cost more than the initial estimate, where as fixed pricing is predictable and easy to plan around. On a similar note, fixed pricing is a premium, it has all the potential expenses already factored in. If the work you need is simple and straight forward, variable pricing options will be far superior.

Which option you go with is obviously going to depend entirely on your business and your budget. While some businesses can afford to put some money aside from the start, others would rather pay throughout the development process. Keep in mind that you can negotiate payment terms. It is possible to pay a fixed price over several months if you simplywant to spread out the costs.

Long term relationship and scaling

Software development and maintenance is aniterative process. It is never truly complete, and you should be discussing your future business relationship with your developers from the get-go.

Not only will this let them know that youare interested in a long-term relationship, but it will also let them plan forscalability. Not to mention that it will also incentivize them to create morescalable solutions, people tend to work more cleanly if they know they mustwork for a prolonged period.

Speaking of scalability, your app can out grow the capabilities of Bubble, and a long-term relationship with your developers will let them plan for it. While Bubble can manage a lot of traffic, and it is incredibly powerful for running an MVP or a small-scale business, you will need to move to better infrastructure if you start seeing exponential growth.

This is precisely where your long-term relationship with your developers will come on. They can help you migrate to a different platform if needed.

Licensing, ownership agreements, various contracts

Software ownership is not something that businesses consider when hiring a developer, they simply assume that everything created will be their property. The accepted legal opinion on the matter is that you need explicit contracts with your developers for ownership of the created product.

Established companies make their developerssign NDAs, software development agreements, various contracts, and a lot of other legal documents too. These documents outline the entire development process and discuss what the post-development support will look like, they talk about the payment policies and lay out the process through which both parties will resolve disagreements.

You should iron out some of these things before you speak to developers about your project. Make sure they sign confidentiality agreements and any NDAs necessary. Someone who refuses to do sois a red flag, letting you know instantly that you should move on.

In conclusion, you are hiring a software developer

While Bubble is a no-code solution, it is still a programming language. Anyone developing a Bubble application for you should have a fundamental understanding of how software development works.

Bubble does simplify a lot of the headaches that come with using a traditional programming language, but your developersare still responsible for everything that your application does. Any bugs orexploits in your code can have legal repercussions.

Hiring a developer for Bubble is not that different from hiring a usual software developer. You are looking for someone who can understand the problems you need to solve, be passionate about bringing your idea to life, and communicate any disagreements with you. But you are also looking for someone with the mindfulness to measure twice and cut once.

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