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Dark Knight Design Team
April 8, 2022

In this age and time, building an MVP as fast as possible can be the difference between success and a multi-billion-dollar idea. provides a no-code solution to help you build your web application from the ground-up without wasting the most valuable resource of all: time. Long gone are the days when you would spend months of your time figuring out technical details without starting any work onyour idea. Companies small and large are embracing no-code solutions so why should start-ups hold them selves back?

Funding for startups is harder to earn with every passing day. Investors are more interested in proven ideas and an application that is growing, rather than onethat is still in development. Making it more important than ever to spend every dollar as efficiently as possible and in any niche, entering a market before your competitors is always the primary goal.

Entering the market as soon as possible

There are billions of people on this planet and others have probably had the same idea as you. They may already be working on it long before you even thought of it. In a situation like this, entering the market as soon as possible should be your priority more than anything else. First-movers advantage is a major competitive advantage that can put you ahead of everyone else and marketing experts understand this fact.

Using the streamlined development process of, you can be the first to enter your target market. Ensuring thatyou lock down your market share and loyal customers without any competition. While others try and play catch-up, you will be establishing your brand as the primary name in the market. While others struggle to make your users switch to their platform, you will be posting unmatchable growth stats and catching the eye of every investor out there.

Minimizing development costs

Development costs are often a major barrier to entry for new startups. Any penny that you are spending on development willnot be going to marketing. In a world where you are constantly fighting your competitors for market share, minimizing development costs has become a major focusof tech companies both small and large.

Hiring developers with expertise in aspecific programming language is expensive and a lengthy process. That is, if you know what expertise you are looking for in the first place. Using bubble.ioyou can ensure that work starts on your idea as soon as possible without the need to invest a tremendous amount into your development team. This is because a no-code solution does not need programming expertise in a specific language, your hiring pool will be far larger, and you will be able to throw a larger net trying to catch your developers.

Keeping your tech options open

Startups often struggle with analysisparalysis. Having countless tech options in front of you and being unable topick one, and rightfully so. Choosing between React and Vue.js for your frontend is not a single-line answer. Not to mention that even after you have workedout all the pros and cons of each choice, you have to make peace with the fact that reversing this decision will mean starting fresh.

Starting fresh does not only mean that you have to code everything from scratch again. The implication is much worse, because one cannot simply ask React developers to switch to a different framework. This is a major technical decision and more often than not, you will have to hire another team entirely because depending on what tech stack you are switching to, you may need entirely different expertise.

By using a no-code solution like, you will not only be skipping the analysis paralysis entirely, but you will also be able to keep your options open in the future if you ever do need to switch. You will be free from the guilt of the sunk-cost-fallacy, and you will be able to make you decision objectively, choosing whatever is best for your company.

Building your MVP with

Once you have an idea that you want to work on, the questions you face become more puzzling. How do you bring your idea to life? Who do you share your idea with? How long willit take to bring your idea to life? and how much should you invest in this idea? These are questions which can be difficult to answer for someone without any expertise in tech. But regardless of how you want to answer these questions, one thing is set in stone: you need a minimum viable product, or an MVP for short.

But how you build that MVP depends entirely on how much you want to invest in the development process. We are not only talking about financial investments, the timeinvestment required can also be a far-greater determining factor in whether or not you should pursue an idea. There is no question that a no-code solution will minimize development time and costs, especially if you want to build an MVP as soon as possible.

These are just a few reasons why we recommend sticking to for building your MVP. By doing so, you can ensure that your idea has a streamlined development process which keeps your future options as widely open as possible. Letting you invest more into your marketing and branding, so you can get that valuable first feedback and implement it into your application as rapidly as possible.


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